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Exciting Guest Announcements, Friday at 7pm!

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1 minute ago, The_batflash123 said:

I just hope one big Marvel name like Tom Holland, Paul Bettany or Tom Hiddleston. That would make my day, I mean week, I mean year, I mean life.

Add ”afterlife” then you are really a fan. :P

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21 minutes ago, Wrong Name said:

Val Kilmer


18 minutes ago, XIII said:

I agree with Wrong Name


15 minutes ago, Wondermoose said:

Ooh yes. That is a good guess. I would like that

Strangely enough I'm going to plump for Val Kilmer as well

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6 minutes ago, fanowaty said:

I'd actually love someone from Avengers. By the way - congrats on your 800th post on the forum :lol:

Jeremy and Benedict were announced at the end of June. So I would say from now and to the con is the "Marvel-announcement-timeslot", IF one where to be announced that is..

Thanks! :D Can't belive I've posted that much.. :blink: 

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