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Latest Guest Announcement - LOCHLYN MUNRO


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Latest Guest Announcement - Lochlyn Munro

Appearing: Saturday and Sunday

Autograph: £15

Photo Shoot: £15


Hal Cooper - Riverdale
Ken Sheldrake - Beyond
Anthony Paolucci - Lucifer
Captain Stein - Arrow
Greg Phillippe  - Scary Movie
Deputy Scott Stubbs  - Jason v Freddy
Jack Sheridan / Jeff Sheridan - Charmed
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42 minutes ago, mikewillbell said:

Love it! Will he be signing "baby dick" Polaroids from Scary Movie? 

There won't be a list of what 8x10's they will have Mike, if you want a specific picture it's best to bring one yourself.  The pre order site is a good place to see some of the 8x10's they may have but there's no guarantee they will have the same at the desk or if they have, that they won't have run out when you get there.

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