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Latest Guest Announcement - Matthew Modine

Appearing: Saturday and Sunday

Autograph: £25

Photo Shoot: £25


Dr. Martin Brenner - Stranger Things
Foley - Dark Knight Rises
Sullivan Groff  - Weeds
Capt. Dennis Dearborn - Memphis Belle
Pvt. Joker - Full Metal Jacket





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13 hours ago, RomeroSavini said:

Full Metal Jacket............ My God! Score. Need to meet him and chat.

You even give me hope for fellow Stranger Things co star Paul Reiser now! 

I second Paul Reiser 

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22 minutes ago, kittkarr said:

And the rest of the stranger things cast :) my daughter would go nuts and I’d like to meet David harbour :)

I honestly havnt seen stranger things I havnt Paul reisers other work but stranger things is one of those programs that I need to watch 

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This guy is so much. Will be an honour to meet him, watch movies like ”Birdy” (1984), ”The Hotel New Hampshire” (1984), Married To The Mob” (1988), Pacific Heights” (1990) and ”Memphis Belle” (1990). Can’t wait!!

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