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Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

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Latest Guest Announcement - Anthony Head

Appearing: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph: £15

Photo Shoot: £15


Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Mr Finch - Doctor Who
Uther Pendragon - Merlin
Prime Minister - Little Britain
Nigel Maddox - Yonderland
Oscar - The Split
David Whele - Dominion
Ed Walker - You, Me and Them






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3 minutes ago, Imzali said:

Will he be doing a talk? I will be coming for one day and a talk would decide which day for me and my family.

We'll not know till the schedule is released in the next day or 2, Imzali, so have a glance at it when it's released and it will tell you. :smile:

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