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Latest Guest Announcement - MICKEY LEWIS

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Latest Guest Announcement - Mickey Lewis

Attending: Sunday

Autograph Price: £10



Mickey Lewis has been in all three new entries in the Star Wars Universe: he played a First Order General in The Force Awakens, a Fleet Trooper on board Krennic’s ship in Rogue One, and most recently a Resistance Comms Officer on Admiral Leia’s cruiser, followed by a dramatic stintt on the escape shuttle.


Mickey has also been a Dalek operator for three series of Doctor Who, as well as a Cyberman, the Third Doctor in Day of the Doctor, the first Allied soldier to cross No Man’s Land and meet the enemy in Twice Upon a Time, a Unit Soldier, Space Corpse, Harbourmaster, Beast Man and various other aliens and monsters.


He was also a WW1 soldier in Wonder Woman, a Pendragon knight in Legend of King Arthur and Freya’s personal guard in Huntsman, Winter War.’

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