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I would absolutely LOVE if Taika Waititi came to NFCC, or anyone from What We Do In The Shadows!

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Posted (edited)

 Anna Faris (Scary Movies, The House Bunny, The Dictator, Mom & Brokeback Mountain)
Teresa Palmer (A Discovery of Witches, Hacksaw Ridge, I Am Number Four, Warm Bodies & The Grudge 2)
Bianca Lawson (Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Buffy & Saved By The Bell)
Azura Skye (Buffy, American Horror Story, CSI: Miami, Working The Engels & One Missed Call)
Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, X-Men, Joy, Passengers & Silver Linings Playbook)
Claire Danes (Terminator 3 :borg:, Homeland, Romeo & Juliet & Stardust)

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