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james monroe iglehart (gotham, broadways aladdin)

gugu mbatha-raw (beauty and the beast, dr who)

gerard horan (beauty and the beast, bank job, dr who)

ray fearon (beauty and the beast, harry potter)

jim carter (little vampire, golden compass, downton abbey)

charlie bewley (twilight, vampire diaries)

david alan barclay (star wars, the muppets)

kiran shah (the hobbit, star wars, doctor who)

adrian getley (rogue one, harry potter, farscape)

robert tygner (the muppets)

wole parks (the vampire diaries)

jim howick (hellboy, horrible histories, yonderland)

simon farnaby (rogue one, horrible histories, yonderland)

sven-ole thorsen (gladiator, george of the jungle, lethal weapon, charlie's angels)



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Would love to have the chance to meet;

Tom Burke

Ryan Gage

Howard Charles 

Alexander Vlahos

Shane Rangi

Barry Duffield

Kim Coates

François Arnaud

Danny Dyer

Tom Payne

Ryan Hurst

Marc Warren

Milo Ventimiglia

Billy Burke

Daniel Newman

Ruth Jones

Maimie Mccoy

Alexandra Dowling

Lili Simmons


A few of these have said they would love to come! It would make my day just to get one name off this list.



Daniel Newman and Shane Rangi has confirmed their free around the time the comic con is on and would love to come! Is there anyway showmasters could approach their agents? X

Edited by Athosgirl
Guests have confirmed they can come to Cardiff comic con xx
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Okay then. Here we go.

Wrestling guests

MARTY SCURLL, PETE DUNNE (WWE UK CHAMPION) Progress wrestling, Tyler Bate, Jimmy Havoc, Trent Severn,Will Osprey, Mark Andrews, Gail Kim, Aj Lee, Neville.

Film & T.V. guests

Manu Bennett, Ron Paulson, Maurice Lamarche, Tara Strong, Mark Hamill, 

Lord of the rings cast

Malcom McDowell 





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richard roundtree (george of the jungle)

levar burton (star trek, roots)

ian & michael mcshane

sarah natochenny (pokemon)

toby froud (labyrinth)

ben turner (casualty, doctor who)

tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, dr who)

bern collaco (star wars, girl with the dragon tattoo, fantastic beasts)

ric reid (reign, psi factor, goosebumps)

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Buffy & Angel guests please

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Seth Green
Kristy Wu
Michelle Trachtenberg
David Boreanaz
Alyson Hannigan
Gina Torres
Daniel Dae Kim
Jason Hall
Bailey Chase

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malachi kirby (roots, fallen, dr who)

paul willson (cheers, star trek)

greg berg (transformers, toy story)

jim lau (the hangover, the walking dead)

sally stevens (the simpsons, true blood, star wars)

denice kumagai (godzilla, gilmore girls)

george takei (star wars, mulan)

david crosby (hook, the west wing)

paul anka (gilmore girls, the fall guy)

michael buffer (sportsman, creed)

john waters (hairspray, 21 jump street, my name is earl)

bobcat goldthwait (lilo and stitch, hercules, csi)

brendan fraser (the mummy, bedazzled)

steven weber (ncis, house of lies)

tom arnold (cradle 2 the grave, true lies)

pat o'brien (scooby doo, the mindy project)

nancy o'dell (90210, scream)

diedrich bader (napoleon dynamite, ice age)

charlie rose (batman vs superman, breaking bad)

leeza gibbons (robocop, superman)

tom savini (dawn of the dead, django unchained)

carmen electra (scary movie, starsky and hutch)

lenny kravitz (the hunger games, zoolander)

burt ward (batman)

david l. lander (scary movie, a bug's life)

helen fielding (bridget jones)

weird al yankovic (weird al show, galavant)

jonathan taylor thomas (the lion king, smallville)

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has paul hogan ever done comic cons?

i'd like to suggest him,

as well as Rudolph Walker (the exam invigilator in Mr. Bean, Harper in The War Games, dr who, troughtons reign)

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Okay i'd like to see any of the following at Cardiff please;

David Warner - Evil (Time Bandits photo with Dixon and Edmonds)

Anthony Daniels - C-3PO (Star Wars)

Joonas Suotamo - Chewbacca (TFA/TLJ)

Tim Rose - Admiral Ackbar (ROTJ/TFA/TLJ)

Adrian Edmondson - Captain Peavey (TLJ)

Hermione Corfield - A-wing pilot Tallie (TLJ)

Paul Kasey - Pilot Asty/C'ai Threnalli/Admiral Raddus (TFA/TLJ/RO)

Warwick Davis - Various (ROTJ/TPM/TFA/TLJ/RO)

Bern Collaco - FO General/Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper (TFA/TLJ/RO)

David M Santana - FO Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper/Trooper (TFA/TLJ/RO)

Sandeep Mohan - FO Stormtrooper/Scarif Trooper) (TFA/RO)

Kiran Shah - Teedo/Neepers Panpick/Oolin Musters (TFA/TLJ/RO)

Guy Henry - Gov Tarkin (RO)

Ingvild Deila - Princess Leia (RO)

Valene Kane - Lyra Erso (RO)

John Morton - Dak (TESB)

Catherine Munroe - Zuckuss (TESB)

Chris Parsons - 4-Lom (TESB)

Bill Hargreaves - IG-88 (TESB)

Brian Muir - Sculpter (SW)

Any original trilogy Stormtroopers.

Tim Dry - J'Quille/Tanus Spijek (ROTJ)

Sean Crawford - Yak Face (ROTJ)

Paul Blake - Greedo (SW)

Vic Tablian - Monkey man (Indiana Jones)

Malcolm Weaver - Ratty Nepalese/stunts (Indiana Jones/ROTJ)

Vic Armstrong - stunts (Indiana Jones/ROTJ)

Harry Fielder - Death Star Trooper/German (SW/Indiana Jones)


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I would love to have (surprise surprise) the guys from Bones! I met TJ Thyne and Tamara Taylor at another con, and both would love to come to this con if invited! TJ particularly wants to visit South Wales! 

Please can we get them to this con! (or any others from Bones!) 

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Hi, I'm a huge Power Rangers fan and would absolutely love it if Sandi Sellner could attend.

She is a legend as far as Power Rangers is concerned :)

Sandi played Alpha 5 on Mighty Morphing Power rangers in Seasons 2 and 3. I know its a fact because I just asked her :)

Many Thanks

Geraint "Lunarwolf"


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Casper Van Dien (Starship troopers)

Dina Meyer(Starship troopers)

Denise Richards(STARSHIP troopers)

Jake Busey (STARSHIP troopers)

Seth Gillian (STARSHIP troopers)

Michael Ironside (STARSHIP troopers)

Clancy Brown (STARSHIP troopers)

Patrick Muldoon (STARSHIP troopers)

Neil Patrick Harris (STARSHIP troopers)

Carl Weathers (Rocky)

Brigitte Nielsen (Rocky 4)

Burt Young (Rocky)

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)

Talia Shire (Rocky)

James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, Lucky Man)

Rob Schneider (The Animal, Hot Chick, Adam Sandler movies)

Dean Cain (The Adventures of Lois and Clark)

Tony Todd (Candyman) 



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