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Bryan Cranston seeing as it's Breaking Bad's 10th Anniversary next year.
Eden Sher (Star vs. The Forces of Evil, The Middle)
Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Shrek)
David Attenborough
Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter)
Jason Biggs (American Pie)
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (WWE)
Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man)
Alyson Hannigan (again) (American Pie, Buffy)
The Chuckle Brothers
Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Come Fly With Me)
David Walliams (Little Britain, Come Fly With Me)
Alan Tudyk (Rogue One, Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Robert Englund  (again) (Nightmare on Elm Street movies)


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I'd love to see a good variety of guests, people from the Whedonverse, all Stargate shows, some Star Trek guests, guests from TWD, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, wrestling guests are always popular, a few horror guests that haven't been before would be great, some Scottish stars of the small and big screen would also be great I think, GoT guests are always good too

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Paul McGann

Robert Englund (kind of likely I believe as he always appears at the showmasters events)

Paul McGann

Any Stargate Actor or Farscape actor will do nicely

Paul McGann

What about some more Big Finish Doctor Who stars like India Fisher and Sheridan Smith? Even more new series companions, after all Pearl Mackie is going to be at Newcastle, why not have her or Jenna Coleman come up? 

Tom Baker

David Tennant

Matt Smith

Peter Capaldi

Also I think Paul McGann would be a good choice too.

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Some good Sci Fi stars.


Tom Baker

Louise Jameson

Amanda Tapping

David McCallum

Bruce Campbell

Tim Allen

Alan Tudyk

Richard Coyle

William Shatner

Kate Mulgrew

LeVar Burton

George Takei

Paul McGann

Craig Charles

Danny John-Jules


Anyone from Firefly/Serenity or from The Orville - now that would be cool

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As others here have suggested Stargate actors, especially Amanda Tapping, Suanne Braun and the other Goauld who have said on Twitter they would like to do a Showmasters con together. 

David Hewlett, Gary Jones, Paul McGillian, Beau Bridges, Claudia Black.

Maria Doyle Kenndy from Orphan Black and Outlander.


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