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XIII went to Amsterdam...


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... and got drunk, met famous people and ate very well

So obviously I ended up at this event as I wanted to visit Amsterdam and this gave me an excuse to go and not feel too guilty about the whole trip. 


As soon as I landed in Amsterdam, I dumped my bags at the fantastic CitizenM hotel and legged it to Heineken Experience as I had a canal trip booked for 5pm and I only got to the hotel at 2:30. Lots of free beer there, also well worth a visit if you are in the area. Canal trip ended up at the Amsterdam Tower where you can get some great views over Amsterdam. I finished the day by switching to Warsteiner beer, much nicer beer. 

Saturday in the event 

I waltzed up at 9:05 with my early bird ticket and walked pretty much straight in with no issues. None of that gold pass chaos from LFCC

A quick waltz around to find where everything was sorted the main aspect out

Stuck myself in the queue for Carice to get a auto for a friend since that was a queue that was building quickly and wanted to get that out of the way

Waltzed straight up to Kim after that and had a nice chat about Officer Downe and how bizzare that movie was, he digged the posted I have for SoA that has some great names on and promptly blew his mind by reminding him that Robert Patrick was in SoA and had signed my poster. He also noted the James Cosmo one and seemed surprised I had managed to get that one. 

The talks were a bit strange as they were housed in the Food Hall, not going to complain much as the sound was pretty good when you were in the seating area and didnt disrupt anything else going on. Just a shame they were only 20 mins long as by the time you really got going, they ended.

This then brings me onto the photos. I have to say this is my only gripe with this event, I guess by virtue of being a brit, I am used to queuing. The Dutch dont quite seem to understand the idea of it, full credit for the pitboss for trying to get the people to line up correctly, people just ignored her and turned back around to how they wanted to queue. I think they could do with some of the photo dragons from LFCC, the ones with the voices that dont take crap from anyone. I think they may understand queuing then.

Bagged Lyndsy Fonseca and Noah Beans autos in very quick succession after that as they had no queues at the time. 

The stalls were actually pretty dam good and had a nice mix of everything and no real repeated ones. I was happy that I only had hand luggage for my flight, overwise I may have gone a tad klepto on some of the stalls. Although seeing old flintlock style guns for sale did raise an eyebrow as that wasnt something I expected to see. I suspect they were more replicas that were inert. 

The event while busy, didnt feel cramped or a hassle to get around, everything seemed nicely laid out. I was impressed by the event and would happily return again if the opportunity arises. I know there were some complaints last year due to the layout, but I hope they were back this time and were happier with the layout. I would even like to visit some of the other Cons in Europe that Showmaster partner with, I guess I will see how next year plays out.


The only significant part of this day is to highlight Pancakes Amsterdam, my god those pancakes were amazing. If you are near one of those restaurants when you are there, visit them. You may have a short wait for table, but it is worth it. 

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