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tompain100    685

Brought on by my current binge of Parks and Recreation, I think I'm in love with Aurey Plaza :wub:


Make her come to the convention. Please.

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Nick Rocks    3

Maika Monroe (the star of 'It Follows' who got the worst S.T.D EVER!!!)
Daniel Kaluuya ( After 'Get Out' I wonder how many people are going to say 'Sink Into the floor' to him) 
Hayley Orrantia (A mate of mine is in love with her and wants her autograph so badly)  
Trent Haaga (screenwriter of such recent classics as 'Deadgirl' and 'Cheap Thrills', they are awesome films trust me!) 
Kirk Baltz (the guy who got his ear lobbed off in 'Reservoir Dogs') 
Justin Roiland (the voice of both 'Rick And Morty') 
O.J Simpson (....just kidding) 

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