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Bournemouthfilm and comic con 2018 dates

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I do hope there is a Comic Con at Bournemouth next year, This year was fantastic, I cannot thank Showmasters enough, going in was managed well, a great set of stalls with helpful staff. Enjoyed meeting the guests who were very welcoming. The Cosplay was amazing and the weather was perfect. I do hope Bournemouth has a comic con next year as it is certainly the highlight of the year for me.

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Very enjoyable event. All of the guests I met were very friendly. 

It felt a little claustrophobic in one of the halls, and I was a little disappointed that there was only one stall selling comics. 

Other than that, an easily doable event and my first time at Bournemouth con. 

Would love to see Showmasters attempt Brighton again. 

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17 hours ago, Queen_Sindel said:

It is not unheard of that events only get confirmed when the new year's schedule goes up around Christmas. Just be patient and wait.

Sorry to pester you about it, QS, but I take it the early ones (March onwards, like Belfast and Cardiff were this year) will be announced at the same time? 3 months is probably a lot longer than it sounds like it is. lol Just doesn't sound like a lot of time. (Probably answered my own query there, sorry)

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