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My phenomenal experience. No complaints.

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Where to begin? I've been attending Showmasters events since 2014, not as long as others but that's because I only entered the convention circuit at the end of 2013. All those   brilliant moments were now what felt like small steps to the epic magnitude of the moments I encountered this Year. 

So, on day one which was the Friday I wake up at the crack of dawn, mainly because I assigned that day to focus on Virtual Queuing and Autographs which benefited me greatly. The first Virtual ticket I ran to was 'Michael Rosenbaum then it was 'Finn Jones'. 

I'm going to talk a little bit about how a certain one of them has made a huge impact on my childhood. Michael played Lex on a show called 'Smallville'. That was the first show I ever watched week in week out and would never miss an episode. Whenever I felt down or low, had a tough day, I had a few empty years before I entered the con circuit and a lot of that was spent watching the show. Lex was my favourite character of all of them and quite possible my favourite character of all time, his interpretaion, that is. I knew I had to meet him the moment Showmasters announced him. In the queue waiting for him, I saw him engaged with another fan as he was making his way to the desk, he was in great spirits which boded well for what was to come. He walked past and I got a high five in there, it was brilliant. As it got to my turn I found the courage to mention how much the show meant to me and how his character impacted my love for the show and his response felt so genuine, he was touched and said "Thank you", I think he was about to tear up himself. He signed my autograph with a personalisation which said "all the best". This is where it gets interesting, when I met him he shouted my name after I mentioned it to the crew member, he said it as "Aboullah" and signed it with that spelling rather than "Abdullah". I went back a few moments later to see if the mistake can be rectified. The crew member and Michael were more than happy to do a fresh autograph and somehow he made it even better than the previous auto and I loved it, just that moment alone I was close to tears. I like to take  moment to say how great that crew member was on Michaels desk. Thank you.

Finn Jones plays 'Iron Fist' in the netflix TV Series, it's going to be part of 'The Defenders' universe. All I can really say is I  really enjoyed Season 1.

Lets talk about Saturday, the day I've been waiting for, the moment all those other moments led up to. I planned to meet a few more guests this day with one or two spontaneous decisions. First thing, I didn't really plan to get to Olympia until as late as possible as I was very tired. I had until around 11:30am to meet a certain superstar. The moment Benedict Cumberbatch was announced for LFCC I went insane and couldn't believe, the moment finally arrived, there were queues everywhere and the queue for him alone was manic, I couldn't breathe, I was sweating so bad, I couldn't wait to leave the queue. The queue was about 15 mi utes until it started moving. Watching how Cumberstrange interacted with the fana was great, he looked on great spirits as I thought he would be reserved but was far from it. When it got to my turn I shook  hands, welcomed him to London, he said a few things, I couldn't manage a word in otherwise. The photo turned out awesome, he crouched down to my height as I'm a shorty guy whichnwas funny. What can I say about him? He's one of the biggest stars in the world.

It was time to meet Michael Rosenbaum again, he remembered me, I can't believe he remembered me, I got a bit set back as his queues all weekend were insane as I loved to see. We had  funny interaction this time round, doing some dorky handsake, the photo turned out so awesome. I was close to tears after the moment.

Finn Jones was super cool when getting his autograph, I mentioned being a fan of 'Iron Fist' and not expecting much going into it. I met Dean Cain at his photo op, that was a last minute buy as I though when am I going to get the chance again. 

I was genuinely shocked how busy Rosenbaum and Dean Cain were. They were big parts of my childhood as they musst have been for many other attendees.


The regrets I have are minimal, not meeting Christopher Lloyd or John Cleese. What a phenomenal weekend. Thank you so much Showmasters.

I attend a lot of cons, including independent conventions but I think I'm sticking with Showmasters from now on as they cater to my specific interests. Bring on 2018!!!!

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