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Kevin Smith Sunday autograph

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Hello!!!!! I was the very over stimulated, over excited lady of the couple. i'm glad you got through I was hoping you did. We technically have ticket 125 to thank for giving me his.


You have to love a bit of community spirit to bring everyone together.

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I had a diamond pass, but I was worried he wouldn't get to any VQs! I did want to have a bit of a chat with him but I did it as fast as possible - luckily he's no stranger to speedspeak :D I'm so glad to read at least a couple hundred VQs got to meet him.

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19 minutes ago, Queen_Sindel said:

I was understanding this as "how many VQ tickets did he see?" But maybe I am reading too much into things again.

I read it that way as well Queen, it's always a rough guess because the numbers don't go through in order.

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