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Who did everyone meet?

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Pilou Asbæk : Auto and photo

Alan Tudyk : Auto and photo

Valene Kane : Auto and photo

Mads Mikkelsen : Auto and photo (second time, he is one of my favourite actors)

Michael Madsen : Auto and photo

Jessica Henwick : Auto and photo (second time, wanted to get Poe Dameron comics signed and I didn't have a photo with her)

Dave Prowse : Auto (second time, also for a Poe Dameron comic, I already had a photo with him) 

Phil LaMarr : Auto

Mark Williams : Photo

Benedict Wong : Photo

Emily Kinney : Photo

David Morrissey : Photo (second time, didn't like my first photo with him)

Alistair Petrie : Photo

Jeremy Bulloch : Photo


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Photos - david Morrissey, dean Cain x2, mads mikkelson, Pamela Anderson, Ian McDiarmid, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lloyd, Bernard Cribbins, William Regal, Rosie Jane, Benedict Wong, Joe Dinicol, Gemma Whelan, Matt Lucas, David Bradley, Natalie Dormer, Michelle Harrison, John Cleese and Kevin Smith

autos - david Morrissey, dean Cain, Ian McDiarmid, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joe Dinicol, David Bradley, Jeremy Bulloch, Kevin smith, Dave Prowse, Michelle Harrison, Jimmy Vee, Alan Harris,  and Natalie Dormer

a joy to meet every single one of them and roll on next year!!

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Photos with;
Alicia Witt, Sarah Douglas, Pamela Anderson, Veronica Cartwright, Tom Skeritt, Tricia Helfer
Alyson Hannigan, Missi Pyle, Michelle Harrison, Emily Kinney, Adrienne King,
Jessica Henwick and Benedict Cumberbatch

Autographs with;
Pamela Anderson

Gutted I wasnt able to meet John Cleese and Valene Kane because I couldnt attend Saturday
Would love for both to be invited back and also for Natalie Dormer whose photoshoot
was sold out on Sunday.

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Saturday: Christien Anholt, Missi Pyle, Tommy Flanagan, Julian Glover, Sacha Dhawan, Kristen Renton, David Labrava, Benedict Wong, Tricia Helfer, Mark Strickson, Conleth Hill, David Morrissey, Michael Rosenbaum, John Carroll Lynch, Mark Boone Junior and Pilou Asbæk

Sunday: Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Douglas, Tom Wilson, Natalie Dormer, Wil Wheaton, Matt Lucas, Matthew Waterhouse, Alicia Witt, Mark Sheppard, Mark Williams and Pilou Asbæk again.

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