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Are guns for cosplay allowed?

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On 20/07/2017 at 0:58 PM, sicky698 said:


if you was to cosplay at the comic con is there a rule of fake toy guns being restricted at the con? 

I could imagine security being very strict which is a good thing. 

There are a couple of small changes not reflected in the rules on the site. 

Showmasters staff are no longer able to hold any confiscated props. These would have to be checked into any cloakroom facilities which may incur additional cost 

In terms of Guns for Cosplay, if your gun looks realistic then it must have an orange / red tip to clearly show it isn't real. This can be done with tape if you don't wish to use paint.

We also advise that you keep any realistic looking weapons wrapped up inside your bags until you get to the venue, as some of the public don't get Cosplay and may be concerned if they see you! 

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