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Auto number enforcement

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Will the auto max amount be enforced of 5 because I'm seing resale places offering autos for guests at high mark up for preorder from London Film and Comic con one place is in fact using one of the showmasters graphics.

I don't want to have to stand for even longer than normal when I have issues standing behind someone who's only just doing it for profit and they been allowed to have extra autos when they not even allow to have more than 5 just because they paid for them. 




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Yes, the number for attendees in line will be strictly enforced.

There has only been one exception to that which I remember and that was Denis Lawson at his first appearance.

If you would Forward the info about the one using the Showmasters graphics to the Office I am sure they would greatly appreciate it.

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This is a legitimate concern especially for anyone who needs to see a DP guest but is trying with VQ's.

i must confess to not having seen this infuriating occurrence at LFCC but it happened at every Autographica I ever went to! Worst was when I was waiting to see Barbara Bain and I'd missed her earlier as there was a queue of dealers and then she went to lunch. I came back only to be in the queue behind a dealer who had 30 plus boxed toy Eagle spacecraft!!! The exchange seemed to go on forever as they all needed to be delicately signed on the window panel of the box...

Even worse though is when I've seen SM staff allow the dealers to queue jump so they can get back to their stalls- don't mind me I'm just an honest fan whose been waiting here long before you arrived, with one item for personalisation that I'm not selling on at inflated prices..

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I know they should be obviously different but remember that the crew take through the pre order stuff as well - just in case you do see anyone bringing a load of goods :) they don't usually queue though so hopefully it will be obvious they aren't dealers.

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Please note that I said attendees.

Dealer tickets are treated different. I don't know how exactly other than they are not supposed to be done when it's busy.

Autographica very often works without VQ tickets, and that 5 item Limit is only in place when there are VQ tickets being handed out.

I did mention the Posts about the sports guests - the dealer tickets question came up as well there - to the Office after CM and was told it was being looked at.

If anything like this happens on the day please feel free to ask for the Pit Boss. They should be able to do something and speak to the Crew. This is definitely one of the things that can fixed on the day, if you speak to someone.

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