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Latest Guest Announcement - BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

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Latest Guest Announcement - Benedict Cumberbatch

Attending: Saturday

Autograph Price: £85

Photo Shoot Price: £75

Talk Price: £25

Diamond Pass: £225
(Includes Dog Tag, Autograph, Photo Shoot, Talk and Exclusive LFCC Print)







Doctor Strange 
Dr. Stephen Strange

Avengers: Infinity War
Dr. Stephen Strange

Star Trek Into Darkness 

Sherlock (TV Series) 
Sherlock Holmes

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 
Smaug / Necromancer 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

War Horse 
Maj. Jamie Stewart


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Amazing guest! Would love to get his autograph, but it'll be impossible since he's doing one day only (and I can't afford a diamond pass) :( And even if you get a low enough VQ, the chances of personalizing are incredibly slim, he's going to be so busy!

Amazing guest, Showmasters, but I'll wait until he returns and does more days

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1 minute ago, IlonaTijhuis said:

Could someone explain why diamond pass are always more expensive than photoshoot, autograph and talk tickets?

They aren't always, actually. (Case in point, Ming-Na Wen at CM24 was actually cheaper!)

And where they are, the extra is primarily that your autograph is guaranteed, without getting there super early for a low VQ. (And some barely make it to VQ!)

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