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Nor do I but at the same time I appreciate that he might not like signing a book he didn't write.

I suppose I can try though. Havent made my mind up yet anyway. Lugging a book around all day probably isn't the wisest of choices in some ways...

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Yes I had to pass, I had no idea he'd be so busy so I didn't get a VQ.

He was parked by the wrestlers and when I got there, there was a line snaking across where his should have been and people just didn't want to let you through- he'd gone to lunch then anyway, so I left.

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I met Tobe yesterday late in the day on a VQ(I was starting to get a bit panicky) he was great,i was a bit gutted at no posed photo's by the time I met him(he was doing them all morning but I guess it became too much and the sign went up in the afternoon) but I absolutely don't regret taking up the chance to meet him,the man's a legend!

Given just how constanly busy Tobe and Adrienne and Imogen all were,i hope SM don't dare suggest Horror guests just aren't busy enough,come on,i dare ya! :P


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