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Latest Guest Announcement - QUENTIN PIERRE

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Latest Guest Announcement - Quentin Pierre

Attending: Sunday

Autograph: £10




Star Wars - Emperors Royal Guard 

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back - Sergeant Edian

Concert Announcer 

Space: 1999 (TV Series)
Security Guard / Security Guard Pierre / Moonbase Alpha guard / ... 

The Dorcons (1977) ... Security Guard (uncredited) 

The Immunity Syndrome (1977) ... Moonbase Alpha guard (uncredited) 

Dorzak (1977) ... Security Guard (uncredited) 

The Seance Spectre (1977) ... Security Guard (uncredited) 

The Bringers of Wonder: Part 2 (1977) ... Security Guard Pierre 
Alien Attack (TV Movie) 
Security Guard (uncredited) 

Journey Through the Black Sun (TV Movie) 
Security Guard (uncredited) 

The Sweeney (TV Series) 
Witness / Chalky 
In from the Cold (1976) ... Witness (uncredited) 

Chalk and Cheese (1975) ... Chalky (uncredited) 

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