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Latest Guest Announcement - ARI LEHMAN

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Damn! One of my dream guests! What a coup for Newcastle. If I was not getting married in May I would get myself up there.


Hopefully fingers crossed we may see him in London or Collectormania at some other time.

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Hi Tony1975


Yes, have a good read and come join us on that post. Lots of horror guests planned so hopefully each show will have its owns scary guests to suit everyone's needs.




Hi i am thinking of pre ordering his autograph because i cannot make the event. I have never done this before and have a few questions.

I would need the signed photo before London so i can add Adrienne's signature. Would it get delivered in time?

I don't want it personalized but would like him to add 'Jason No 1'. Is this ok?

Does it come with a COA?

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Hi Tony, Jason will answer as soon as he sees this but in the mean time I hope I can help as I have used the send in service myself. You will not get a COA. You can ask for anything to be written alongside the signature but it will count as a quote/personalisation which will incure an additional fee, and you aren't totally guaranteed to get the quote/message you ask for as it's very dependent on time. If they don't have enough time for dedications, the guest will just sign it and the money for the dedication will be refunded to you.


Jason always tries to post them out as soon as possible but there isn't any guaranteed time line. I'd say it should be back in time for London given the gap between the shows but be aware it's affected by factors such as how many items he has to send out and how clearly people have labeled their items - he can't send stuff back if it's not clear who has sent it in so it's very important to follow his instructions on the website about labeling your items up.

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Hi All,


Thanks for the questions. The regional shows are being dealt with slightly different this year and as the orders are coming in, envelopes etc are being labelled etc ready to be filled and shipped. I want the turnaround to be a lot faster getting show items out as it quickly fills up here with the amount of items sent in and when we hit the back to back to back shows its really caused an issue in the past. With cardiff in 2 weeks I want to see people posting that they have their items back the same week as the show. So with that in mind, your newcastle order would be with you in plenty of time for LFCC.

Ive just secured more space for send in items and now only do the normal day job 4 days as week to make sure this is our best year yet.


In regards to COA we have never done them as you are buying direct from the source, however all our show provided 10x8s do have a SM holographic label on the reverse to show its come from us.


Feel free to drop me an email (i've almost caught up)



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