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Latest Guest Announcement - Indira Varma


Attending: Saturday


Autograph Price: £20


Photo Shoot Price: £20








Game of Thrones (TV Series)
Ellaria Sand


Paranoid (TV Mini-Series)
Nina Suresh


Luther (TV Series)

Zoe Luther


Rome (TV Series)


Torchwood (TV Series)
Suzie Costello


Basic Instinct 2
Denise Glass



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Pleaseeeeeeeee get her for LFCC!


I've met Nymeria, Obara, Doran and Tyrstane so only need her, Oberyn and Tyene.

She's a great guest as she's in Luther and Torchwood as well as GoT.


She'd go really well with Jessica Henwick at LFCC (and if you got Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and Pedro Pascal).


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