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Guest Days & Prices Film & Comic Con Glasgow 2017

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Guest Name:  Attending: Autograph Price: Photo Shoot Price: 
Alan Swaden Sunday £10  
Casper Zafer Saturday £10 £10
Chloe Annett Sunday £15 £15
Colette Hiller Saturday £10 £10
Frank Henson Sunday £10  
Frazer Diamond Saturday £10  
Frazer Hines Sunday £10 £10
Ian Beattie Sunday £10 £10
Imogen Boorman Saturday &Sunday £15 £15
Jenette Goldstein Saturday & Sunday £15 £15
Mark Rolston Saturday & Sunday £15 £15
Nicola Bryant Saturday £10 £10
Rusty Goffe Saturday £10 £10
Richard Franklin Sunday £10 £10
Shauna MacDonald Saturday £15 £15
Staz Nair Saturday & Sunday £15 £15
Tatanka Saturday & Sunday £15 £15
Tom Hopper Saturday £15 £15
Valene Kane Sunday £15 £15

Cancelled Guests:

Al Lampert
Deborah Watling
Paul Kasey
Kai Owen
Clare Higgins

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16 minutes ago, andy1701e said:

Hi can you pay for entrance on the day?

You should be able to andy, it's usually only the bigger events (LFCC and possibly Collectormania) where they are pre purchase only (unless stated otherwise)

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