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Latest Guest Announcement - LALLA WARD

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Latest Guest Announcement - Lalla Ward

Attending: Saturday

Autograph Price: £10

Photoshoot Price: £10



Doctor Who: Shada (TV mini-series)

1993 Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (TV short)

1992 Doctor Who: Shada (video)

1987 Riviera (TV movie)
Laura Grayson

1982 Schoolgirl Chums (TV series)
Anastasia Devine

1979-1981 Doctor Who
Romana/Princess Astra


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Fantastic! I go to a lot of conventions, but she always seems to go to the ones I can't attend.

When she signs my companion poster it'll only need to be signed by Jackie Lane and Yee Jee Tso then I'll have every classic DW companion!

It would be excellent if you could get Yee Jee for this event as well.

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