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Ensign Dickie

My Guest Photos! :)

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Hi guys.


I attended for one day (Sunday) and managed to cram-in every photo session I wanted.... just! It was my first such event. My mind was (**is**) well and truly blown.


Below is the link to my photos on YouTube. The video came out pretty epic, I have to say!



For me, undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was meeting ALICE KRIGE. Yes, I would rate her higher than all the other guests. As my favourite Star Trek villain, I was looking forward to getting a photo with her. However, three of my sessions clashed, and I was gutted to find that I'd just missed her. Being on crutches doesn't help either, when you're rushing around in a panic.


I informed the staff. Best they could offer was a complimentary autograph from Alice later that day. I took it, even though autographs are not really my thing. For me, it was all about the photos. So, when it came my turn to ask Alice for an autograph, I cheekily asked if she'd mind standing with me for a selfie. But when she learned that I'd missed out on a proper shoot, she summoned a member of the crew, there and then, and asked that a private session be arranged at the end! Yes, to my utter shock and surprise, Alice Krige insisted on meeting me afterwards to get that photo I so wanted. She even signed it for me!


For that act of kindness, she's earned a special place in my heart. I'll happily tell this story to any new Trekkie I meet!


Best wishes, all. Hope the day went as well for you as it did for me.


- Richard Murtagh ("Ensign Dickie")

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Kevkernow    18

You have a good collection of photos Richard and it was a good weekend. I agree Alice is nice and I found all the ones I met was pleasant.

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