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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Nigel Parkinson

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Nigel Parkinson

Attending: Saturday Only

DENNIS the Menace has featured heavily in Nigel Parkinson's output since 1999, when he became one of the main artists drawing DC Thomson's archetypal badly behaved schoolboy in the pages of The Beano.

Since 2012, when he also took over the comic's Minnie the Minx series, he has been the sole artist on the strip but, in a career dating back to 1980 he has illustrated stories of many other characters.

For DC Thomson alone he has worked on Beaginnings, which featured the misadventures of Dennis's sister, Bea and The Bash Street Kids in The Beano, where he made his debut in 1997, 15 years after he first contributed to its companion title, The Dandy. For that comic Parkinson has drawn Owen Goal, Cuddles and Dimples, Puss'n'Boots, Marvo the Wonder Chicken and Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land while also revamping Lord Snooty.

The artist – whose art also graced the pages of such other DC Thomson weeklies asNutty, Beezer, Bunty and Tracy – began his career in 1980. Over the next 20 years he contributed to a wide variety of comics. For Fleetway he worked on Scouse Mouse Comics and Whizzer and Chips as well as on its Gerry Anderson titles,Thunderbirds the Comic, Stingray, Joe 90 and Space Precinct.

His extensive credits also include two BBC titles – Beeb, for which he producedGrange Hill, and Fast Forward, for which he drew Baywatch – and IPC's Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.


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