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On 2017-3-24 at 9:54 PM, Raylenth said:


It's been stated by Showmasters that Dave Prowse is only going to be doing London based events now as it's easier on him.  If you want to meet him you will have to go to any London based events he may be at.

He is on the guest list for Exeter in October

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Would love to see some Buffy & Angel guests please:   Sarah Michelle Gellar Seth Green Alyson Hannigan Michelle Trachtenberg Kristy Wu David Boreanaz Gina Torres Daniel Dae Kim Elizabeth

My suggestions: - Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger) - Ernie Brown Jr. (Turtleman) - Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) - Chris Evans (Captain America) - Tom Welling (S

Slavitza Jovan please !!

4 minutes ago, sw1701 said:

He is on the guest list for Exeter in October

Maybe he changed is mind a bit as that was what we were told originally.  His website only says he's no longer doing international shows.

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Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii Five-0, 24, Star Trek Enterprise, Angel & Insurgent)
Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Roswell, Knocked Up & State of Affairs)
Ethan Erickson (Melrose Place, Buffy & CSI: New York)
Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect, Shameless, Starship Troopers, Justified, Road Trip & Crank)
Ali Larter (Heroes, Resident Evil, Legends, Legally Blonde & Final Destination 1 & 2)
Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Immortals, Legend of Hercules, Expendables 3, Nightmare on Elm St, The Comeback & 90210)

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Cast of the Doctor Who Movie (which other than Paul, Daphne, Eric or Yee I haven't seen have done a Con):

Geoffrey Sax

John Novak

Michael David Simms

Catherine Lough Haggquist

Dolores Drake

Will Sasso

Jeremy Radick

Eliza Roberts

Bill Croft

David Hurtubise

Joel Wirkkunen

Dee Jay Jackson

Gordon Tipple

Mi-Jung Lee

Joanna Piros

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Hannah John-Kamen
Aaron Ashmore    
Luke Macfarlane    
Tamsen McDonough    
Thom Allison
Morgan Kelly    
Sarah Powers

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Guests from Lord of the rings/The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Bones, Walking Dead etc. Please Showmasters please try and get these guests for Sheffield.

Can't wait to meet the cast from Aliens xx

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1 minute ago, scoobywolf6 said:


Hi Scooby, a heads up, it's against forum rules to mention other cons on here, so you might want to remove the mention there. :smile:

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Harris Yulin (Ghostbusters 2, 24, Buffy & Scar Face)
Thora Birch (American Beauty, Dungeons & Dragons, The Hole & Ghost World)
Fairuza Balk (Return to Oz, The Craft, American History X & Almost Famous)
Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Snow White, Adventureland & The Runaways)
Erika Christensen (Parenthood, Traffic, Swimfan, Six Degrees & Wicked City)
Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory, Blossom & Beaches)

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