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2000 AD publisher Rebellion has kindly given permission for the Judge Minty movie to be screened at this year’s London Film and Comic Con. The authorised fan film (which runs 27 minutes) is set in Mega City One, the futuristic setting created by John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra. It focuses on Minty, an aging Judge who decides to retire. As required by the Law, he must take the Long Walk out into the Cursed Earth, a wasteland teeming with mutants, savage gangs and beasts where anarchy holds sway. Directed by Steven Sterlacchini, the film stars Edmund Dehn as the titular lawmaker.


Screening will be on the Comic Zone stage at noon on Friday, 2:00pm on Saturday and 5:00pm on Sunday. Entrance is free.


As a bonus Rebellion has authorised an exclusive first look at Strontium Dog, a film by the same team and featuring another of 2000 AD’s stars created by Wagne5r and Ezquerra. The 30 second teaser can be viewed at the end of each Judge Minty screening and on other occasions throughout the weekend.



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Sounds cool! As long as at least one of the showings it doesn't clash with any of my photoshoots, I'm there!

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