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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - El Torres

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Writer/publisher/editor: Nancy in Hell; Rogues!; The Westwood Witches


ATTENDING: Saturday & Sunday


BASED in Spain but publishing only English-language titles, Amigo Comics is the brainchild of Juan ‘El’ Torres, whose earliest US excursion was as the writer of CVO: Covert Vampire Operations – African Blood.


That 2006 four-parter was published by IDW, for which Torres simultaneously wrote the four-issue Zombies! Eclipse of the Undead. For IDW he also authored two other four-parters – 2009’s The Veil and the following year’s The Suicide Forest. In addition, in 2010 he scripted the 10 issues of his signature series, Nancy in Hell, which he followed with two four-parters: Drums [2011] and Nancy in Hell on Earth[2012].


While published by Image those latter three titles were the first produced by Amigo, which was established by Torres primarily as a platform for his own work.


In 2013, Amigo struck out on its own, declaring its independence with the Torres-written Rogues!. The following year the Spanish writer scripted a five-part sequel to that six-parter and then a two-issue follow up (both similarly titled Rogues!) although he’d also launched The Westwood Witches four-parter in 2013.


Torres’ other 2014 output included the Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell one-shot together with the four issues of Ghost Wolf and of Roman Ritual. His most recent projects were a 2015 return to Rogues! for a five-parter subtitled Odd Parenthoodand El Fantasma de Gaudí (Gaudi's Ghost), a graphic novel released in Spain in 2016 by Norma Editorial.



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