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Guest Days & Prices Film & Comic Con Newcastle 2016 November

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showmasters    4,971


Guest Name:Attending: Autograph Price:Photoshoot Price:


Adrian RawlinsSunday£10£10

Alice KrigeSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Anna WaltonSaturday£10£10

Annette HannahSaturday£10£10

Chloe AnnettSaturday£15£15

Christopher FairbankSaturday£15£15

Daz CrawfordSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Dominic CarterSaturday£10£10


Jacqueline PearceSaturday£15£15

Jeffery KissoonSaturday£10£10

Jonathon OliverSaturday£10

Mark Everex CollettSaturday£10

Meena RayannSunday£10£10

Mel PickupSunday£10

Nathan Phillips & Laura PhillipsSunday£20 for both

Neil FingletonSunday£10£10

Nicola BryantSunday£10£10

Sarah DouglasSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Sam ColemanSunday£10£10

Vincenzo NizoliSaturday£10£10

William HoylandSaturday£10





Pip Torrens

Andrew Lee Potts

Mark Rolston

Adam "Edge" Copland

Anton Lesser

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Queen_Sindel    3,319

I'm sure that he's still attending but has Christopher Fairbank's name been temporarily forgotten for Saturday?


Yes. This list is missing a couple of updates.

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