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Latest Guest Announcement - JENETTE GOLDSTEIN

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Latest Guest Announcement - Jenette Goldstein

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £15

Photoshoot Price: £15



Aliens - Pvt. Vasquez

Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Janelle Voight

Titanic - Irish Mommy
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Alice the Maid
Star Trek: Generations - Enterprise-B Science Officer
Lethal Weapon 2 - Officer Meagan Shapiro
Near Dark - Diamondback

24 (TV series) - Rae Plachecki (2 episodes, 2004)


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We are going away on holiday to Anglesey on 2nd July, but I've been wanting to meet Jenette for so long we're making the trip up on Friday night from Stoke-on-Trent to see her and then zipping off on holiday after that, what an amazing start to the holiday! :D

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i highly recommend meeting jenette,she has some interesting stories about some of the movies she has worked on,and she is very friendly and down to earth,her autographs are amazing,and she personalises your autographs with quotes that she has used in her films,a great guest!,was really glad to meet her last year

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I am beyond gutted that the event has been cancelled. I was coming especially for Jenette. Please SM, PLEASE try and reschedule her for London.

I'd be surprised if London is an option this year, she's still listed for Exeter the week before Bolton. So two visits in six weeks is a little unlikely.


It wouldn't be very impressive if all the US Exeter guests were rescheduled.

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My sister and I are so gutted Bolton is cancelled. My sis is a HUGE Robert Englund fan and she's utterly devastated to hear the news. I was going along mostly to keep her company. I'd never watched the Nightmare on Elm St movies, so in preparation for Bolton, I watched them all and got that excited about meeting him that I decided to cosplay as Tina Gray! Then Amanda Wyss was announced and I was really happy I'd get to meet her in cosplay! It took me ages to find the outfit too and I even had a hairdresser trim my wig for me only last week! I'm pretty upset I wont be able to cosplay now.


If at all possible, please can you reschedule them to attend London. I am already attending London and there are currently no guests announced for that who I can get excited about. It would make our day if you announced Robert and Amanda. Pretty please!!!!


Ooops I maybe should have put this in the Robert Englund thread but I was following on from the posts above! lol

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