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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - DAVID LLOYD

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - David Lloyd

Writer/artist: V for Vendetta; Kickback; Aces Weekly

THE MASTERMIND behind Aces Weekly, the online comic anthology he launched in 2010, David Lloyd is best-known for V for Vendetta, which he created in collaboration with writer Alan Moore.

The strip was originally serialised in Warrior between 1982 and 1984 before being concluded at DC in 1989. That was almost 15 years after the artist got his break drawing a story for The Magician Annual 1975 although that proved to be a false start – it was another three years before his career took off. Then he contributed not only to Logan's Run Annual 1978 but also to TV Comic as well as drawing the adaptation of Quatermass II for House of Hammer #23.

Come 1979 he was given his first regular assignment –drawing Night Raven (a strip he co-created) – in Hulk Weekly although he moved on to a regular slot in Doctor Who Weekly later that same year. During that period he continued to provide contributions to a variety of British comics annuals, a practice he maintained even while working on Warrior​ although it faded out as US publishers came calling.

His American debut was on Marvel's two-issue adaptation of 1981's Time Bandits movie with contributions to anthologies from Pacific, Eclipse – for which he also illustrated the first four issues of 1986's ESPers five-parter – and DC following until he returned to conclude V for Vendetta. After bouncing back to Marvel for 1991's Night Raven: House of Cards graphic novel his next major project was The Horrorist (a 1996 DC two-parter) after which came The Territory​, a 1999 four-parter for Dark Horse.

Often in demand as a contributor to comics outside the mainstream superhero-centric arena, Lloyd – who has deliberately chosen to avoid that commercial genre – next illustrated Nightingale (2002) and J for Jenny (2003), two of DC/Vertigo's War Story one-shots with Kickback (a Dark Horse graphic novel he also wrote) coming in 2007.

While still contributing to the occasional anthology, Lloyd’s focus these days is on Aces Weekly.


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