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New Film Title Game - First to Last


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New film title game with a few twists to it.


Main object of the game is to use the last letter of the previosu film title as the first letter of your film title.


A few rules:


1. The full and proper title is only allowed. eg....A Nightmare On Elm Street cannot be given as Nightmare On Elm Street


2. If a full film title has a subtitle then it must be used. eg....Superman IV The Quest For Peace cannot be given as Superman 4


3. When a film ends in a number eg.. Fast & Furious 7 (also known worldwide as Furious 7 or Fast Seven) then the number can be used or the last letter of the number spelt out can be used (7 or n for example.)


4. If IMDB list the film under different film titles worldwide, only the English translation is allowed.


5. If a full film title ends in a number, the number in numerical form can only be as that number and not part of another. If it is 7 then it cannot be modified to 7th


So, here goes people.


Fast & Furious 7 :clap:

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