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Sherlocked ticket statement

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Just popped onto Facebook and noticed a post had been made so thought I'd copy it here for anyone else who hasn't seen it/isn't on Facebook.


Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you for such an enthusiastic start and to everyone who has purchased tickets and been in touch today to say how excited they are about Sherlocked UK 2016! smile emoticon We are so excited to be getting this convention up and running and we are busy planning an amazing event for you all that will surpass what you experienced in 2015 smile emoticon

Last year the event was run very close to the announcement date and that meant there was a lot we wanted to do but just didnt have time to organise. This time, with 8 months until the actual event we have plenty of time to put in place all the exciting things we want to share with you, and really bring the world of Sherlock to life for the weekend! Trust me when I say, we are all huge fans ourselves and we are thrilled that this time we will get to show you so much more of the world of Sherlock, and that we can all come together and have fun over the weekend of the show!

Now we know some people have been comparing ticket packages with last year's event, and particularly on the gold tickets some of you seem to feel that they are not as good value for money as before?

Firstly, if you were to add up all the individual parts to the ticket separately then they would come to almost twice the value of the ticket price. We realise that what is included is slightly different to last year in terms of the number of photo shoots offered, but it is also different in terms of the many things that will be at the show this year that you currently dont even know about yet. We are not trying to make more profit, we are in fact planning to deliver a much more fun and content rich world for you all to have an amazing weekend in. We didnt let you down last year and we most certainly are not going to this year! smile emoticon

As you have seen, the Gold tickets this year will not include autos or photos with the lead guests, (but as in the past we only categorised Lead Guests as Mark, Benedict and Martin), so like last year the photo ops and autographs will then be made up from the other high calibre guests that will be attending and just like last years event the guest line up will be amazing. So you will be getting some very cool autographs and photo ops from your weekend at Sherlocked, not to mention all the other things we have in store that will bring you great memories and experiences that you just cannot buy or find anywhere else.

Whilst we know autographs and photos are important, Sherlocked is not just an autograph collecting event, its a Sherlock event to celebrate Sherlock and that is much more than what you get to take home; its what you get to see and do at the convention, the fellow fans you meet and you will get to do and see much more than the last event as we have more time, and so much more in store for you all!

We are all very excited for you and for us to show you this as the months go forward and things are unveiled smile emoticon.

We are simply trying to run the best event we can for everyone! There are many different ticket packages and some may suit you better than others. You may consider some better value for money than others, but ultimately there is something for everyone's budget and that is what we felt was important to us all, so everyone can be included.

Last year's event only just covered the cost of running the convention, which is not an issue as we are fans here and are exceptionally proud to have organised, it was so nice to see so many people enjoying themselves including the cast of the show. It really was a great weekend that will never be forgotten, and that was also made possible by you, the visitors, so thank you all for that. However, for us to do all the things we want to do for this year's event we have to be able to cover the cost involved in putting on such an event and we hope that when you finally experience the event in September you will feel we have upheld our end of the deal again, and delivered one of the best weekends in fandom, no matter what ticket type you have! smile emoticon

Again, thank you all for your support and for your comments. We understand the worry and frustrations especially being so far out, and we have social media and forums because we want to hear feedback from you all, we are very open like that. I do hope you also see what we are trying to do and hear also what we are saying and know we do care and we do address your concerns. We are decent people and will treat you like we want to be treated ourselves as we are all fans here also.

Together we will get the chance to put on one of the most amazing weekends we will ever attend in the world of Sherlock; something that at the end of your weekend I think you will agree you could not have put a price on! smile emoticon, ultimately we are running this event for you and we will not let you down.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we all look forward to seeing you in 8 months time smile emoticon


Mark Woollard

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I have recently purchased the platinum pass and I have noticed that the parties are not included on the list of items available. Does this mean that if a platinum pass holder wanted to attend the parties they would have to buy a separate ticket.

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