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How do these events differ from something like LFCC?


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I've only ever been to LFCC type conventions before so I'm not sure how these type of smaller & TV show specific conventions are usually run. Will there be loads of traders there? Is there some kind of ticket number system for meeting the guests to avoid all attendee's standing in a few different queues? Given that it's on for a full weekend, is there much to do to keep people occupied in between meeting guests and attending talks?

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Oh, and does anyone know what the 'exclusive drinks reception' on Friday is going to be like? How many people are usually there? Is there anything special going on? Or is it just all the guests put in some kind of function room with all the attendee's crowded around trying to speak to them? I've never been to anything like that so can't really imagine what it's going to be like.


Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

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we haven't been to a Chevron, but we have attended Massive Events weekend cons so:


These types of events are generally much, much smaller & far more personable than your avarage LFCC or signing event. There are usually some traders there, but not to the extent of a signing event. The fact that the events are smaller, often means VQ tickets aren't necessary. There will be a sort of queuing system which will be based on ticket type and/or number but you'll have plenty of time with guests, depending on the number of attendees.

Events are probably planned throughout the weekend, and if not we recommend the nearest bar ;)

RE Drinks reception. it depends on the number of Gold attendees, really. It's the Friday night where a set of tables are set up with some small snacks and candy, you will be served wine or soda (or water) and devided into small groups of 10-15 people. The attending guests will spend X amount of time at each table in a sort of clock-wise system where after the X time, they'll move over to the next table. It's usually a very casual type thing, don't be affraid to talk ;)


hope this helps!

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Right I have been attending chevron for several years now. here's what its like. The convention starts on the Friday evening around 7:30 with an opening ceremony where they introduce all the guest attending the convention. there are usually between 4 & 6 guests. After the opening ceremony they have the gold drinks reception which is of course only for those who buy a gold ticket. the gold drinks reception is where people with a gold ticket stand in groups around tables and the guests attending the event slowly go round the tables and you get to have a bit of a chat with them. and as by the mane drinks are also served. After the gold drinks reception there is the Friday night party where there is also a disco and it is a chance for people to dance and interact with each other and if you are lucky some of the guests might attend, so for those with standard and silver tickets they might get the opportunity to have a chat and dance with any guests that attend the party.

Saturday morning starts with autographs and photo shoots on the morning. everyone will get a letter corresponding to the type of ticket the get and what number their ticket is. this will be on your badge you get when you collect your ticket at the registration desk on either the Friday or for those attending on the sat on sat morning. you will get a time table in your welcome pack telling you what time everything is happening and when each letter is called for each guests photo/autograph. so as long as you refer to the time table you get you should be able to get 1/2 your photo's/autos on the sat morning. then int he afternoon there are usually talks and events such as the quiz or the auction going on or sometimes guests might have something special planned. then again there is another party on the Saturday night.

Sunday starts pretty much the same as Saturday morning getting the remainder of your photos/autographs. then again talks and other events on in the afternoon.

throughout the event there are also private guest encounters which you can bid for or try an win with a raffle ticket. these guest encounters are for small group of usually around 10 people and vary in price from guest to guest. The times these encounters happen will again be on the timetable.

on the Sunday evening there is a closing ceremony as many people have to leave on the Sunday evening but for those staying at the hotel Sunday night there is 1 final party..

The themes for the parties will be announced on the forum.

Hope this information helps everyone.

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