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Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

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I'm more concerned about the Royal Mail if I'm honest 😄

Whoa.. Just ordered my First Autograph via the shop....

Thanks for the support so far. The better this signing does there more we will put on. We are working on another that maybe signed off by the weekend.   JG

This is crazy !


We notified about this problem two weeks ago and now a month has gone by since the signing. We should not have to be chasing around like this. I think the words "Never again" come to mind !

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And less than a week ago you got a reply.


The mods have posted a couple of times already (and so has the Pre Order Team): we can't help with the orders. Sending an e-mail is the most quick way because the pre order guys only come on the forum when they have a minute. They're not mind readers. All they can do is post the stuff. If Royal Mail has issues for some reason they can only help when they are notified. They don't know something has gone wrong with mailing when no one tells them.

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Okay thanks. I will send the mail again as I have sent it to the wrong showmasters address. :WINCE:


Sorry also for my rant. I was not in the best of moods at the time and tired. :sleep:


I'm still waiting for my Poppy Autograph too.... :no:



Me too .........................

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