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I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation to all the staff involved in organising the Sheffield event. I attended on the Saturday and the staff were very helpful and knowlegable with any questions that I had. It wasn't overcrowded and this was largely due I think to the ticket cap and '1 in - 1 out' policy. It worked very well and made for a very enjoyable day for me and my friend. I even managed to browse round the seller stalls quite comfortably as well as meeting the guests.


Well done everyone involved and I look forward to next year. :)



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it was a great event, all the team I had conversations with during the day were really helpful and had the answers to the questions I asked. a good venue, well done all involved. roll on next year.

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Would just like to echo these comments - I thought yesterday was wonderfully organised. The staff were very lovely and knowledgeable and the 1 in and 1 out policy seemed to work well. The staff who supported Robert's signing desk were great and knew all about the pass and I was ushered through promptly. It was brilliant and I kind of wish I went again today!


Though I did have an issue on the door with the Diamond pass - when I got to the front and my boyfriend had his ticket scanned, the lady asked me to leave the queue and told me to go to a door the other side of the building to be verified. No way was I leaving that queue after queuing for an hour. Many apologies to all those behind me because I realise the queue was held up for 10 minutes whilst I tried to explain we had been told we could have early bird entry and just needed to show our unclipped pass. In the end they let me in because I stood my ground, but she was very snotty with me which really wasn't called for.


That said the rest of the day was brilliant and more than made up for it. Looking forward to next year's - can't wait to do it all again! :D

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Queued up at 8:45am and as soon as it hit 9am showmasters got the line moving really quick and was in within 5 minutes. So much better having multiple entrances than say Newcastle where there's just one massive queue and it takes 20-25 minutes to get in.


Once inside plenty of notices giving photoshoot and talk times, plenty of staff to ask questions to and staff at sales desks/guests tables were all friendly and efficient.


The guys giving out VQ tickets for Robert and Michael were also very helpful, I grabbed mine as soon as I got in but there were already decent sized queues so went away and came back later. When I came back Michael's queue was really short as it was about 15 minutes before his photoshoot but they let me join so got his auto's really easy. Then after Robert's photoshoot I went straight back to his desk and the guy let me wait until he came back and I managed to be first in the queue so got quite a bit of time with Robert.


Also a big shout out to the guy organising the queues for the photoshoots. I wouldn't want to do his job! He organised the queues very well and kept them moving at a good pace whilst also making sure it wasn't too crowded when people were hanging around for different shoots. It's thanks to this guy that I was able to get into Michael's first shoot as I was leaving before his second. I had ticket number 108 and thought they were only going up to 100 but he managed to move the first 100 through quick enough that they allowed a final 10 through.


Well done guys!!!!


sidjames, what day did you attend? As the crew rotate jobs, knowing which day means we can make sure the comments get to the correct crew.



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I too would like to extend a huge thank you to all staff, crew and guests for making a really wonderful con-experience. I attended on Sunday and had a real blast. After doing London on the Saturday a few weeks back, this was a most welcome change of pace and made for my favourite convention experience to date.

The venue played a large part in it I think. I loved how the signers were all on a single floor, in one long, curving row, well away from the Seller's area, ensuring the two crowds didn't overlap. The choice of an Arena as a venue also ensured that there were thousands of seats available at all times, only meters away from you; something that was badly needed at both London and Manchester.

Special props to Luke for running the photo shoot queues like the pro he is and it also gave me a chance to say thanks for the amazing job he did wrangling the Photo A queues down at LFCC.


I was really impressed with this venue and show and will be a regular at this event from now on.

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