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Would like to see some "non extras" for Star Wars. When one announces a big celebration for a film you should include at least one major or main character from that film. You did splendidly well with

please can we have some bigger names form star wars

I would be happy with someone who has a line of dialogue at the moment.

Here is my list.... Still waiting for;


Joe Flanigan

Philip Glennister

David Soul

Mitch Pileggi

Peter Davidson

Brad Dourif

Bruce Boxleiter

Danny Trejo

Hugh Quarshire

Nathan Fillon

Gill Gerrard

Richard Hatch

George Takei

Doug Bradley

Elijah Wood

Joan Collins

Claudia Black

Jewel Staite

Glynis Barber

Sean Young

Erin Gray

Karren Gillian

Alex Kingston

Grace Park

Linda Blair

Nancy Allen

Morena Baccarin

Rutger Hauer

Rachel Luttrell

Linda Hamilton

Michelle Forbes

Sylvia Anderson

Mariana Hill

Heather Langenkamp

John Barrowman

Robert Patrick

Martin Landau


Please.... :smile:

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Jessica Parker Kennedy

rob van damme

bruce campball

steven seagal

shameless cast

csi cast

gavin and stacey cast

benidorm cast

david jason

fools and horses cast

Robert Carlyle

Mark Addy

Bruce Jones

Pierce Brosnan

emma stone

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Star Wars

Mark hamill

Carrie fisher

Any episode 7 actors

Kenny baker

Billy Dee Williams

Frank oz

Ian mcdiamid

Peter mayhew



Gillian Anderson

David duchovny

Emila Clarke

Anyone from arrow

Anyone from the flash

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A Wish-list:

Arleen Sorkin ((added 07/08/2015))
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Benedict Cumberbatch
Christopher Plummer
Doug Bradley
Edward Furlong
Hugh Jackman
James Cameron
Kane Hodder
Karl Urban
Kevin Conroy
Liev Schreiber
Linda Hamilton
Mark Hamill
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Michael Fassbender
Michael Keaton
Peter Cullen
Sam Neil
Sir Ian Mckellen

Repeat appearance Wish-List:


Katee Sackhoff
Lena Headey

Michael Biehn (missed him at the last one)

Sigourney Weaver (missed her at the last one)
Summer Glau
Tyler Mane

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Mark Margolis.

Johnathan Banks.

Frank Doubleday.

Kurt Russell.

James Hong.

Al Leong.

Gerald Okamura.

Tony Burton.

Peter Jurasik.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellars.

Alan Ford.

P.H Moriarty.

Tom Atkins.


Any of the cast's of Big Trouble in Little China, Banshee, Hill Street Blues and The Wire.


Or Rebook/book guests what have cancelled or not done a big show for a while:


Burn Gorman.

Carl Chase.

George Harris.

Kenneth Cranham.

Angus McInnes.

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Everyone has mentioned all the SW guests I'd also like to see in addition I'd definitely want to meet Robert Englund again. Michael Biehn was just great, I really enjoyed talking to him and Amanda Wyss was so sweet and lovely both would be great guests again.


I'd like to see more Elm Street people personally especially Heather Langenkamp, Mark Patton, John Saxon, Marshall Bell and Lisa Wilcox. Wes Craven would be fantastic and would love to go to one of his talks and q&a's.


More Game of thrones as well. Battlestar Galactica guests also would be great.

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Charles Cyphers.

Michael Potts.

David Patrick Kelly.

Edward Fox.

Michael Lonsdale.

Harry Dean Stanton.

John Carpenter.

Tom Sizemore.

Danny Trejo.

Walter Hill.

Bill Duke.

Sonny Landham.

Ian McShane.

Max Von Sydow.

Ray Winstone.

Miguel Ferrier.

Kurtwood Smith.

Felton Perry.

Ronny Cox.

Yaphet Kotto.

Tracey Walter.

Rade Serbedzija.

Danny Glover.

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I predict :


Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill

Peter Mayhew

John Boyega

Daisy Ridley


All Diamond Pass only


I'd like to think they could get Harrison Ford if it was limited to say 300 Diamond passes only, and the only way you could have a picture or autograph was via diamond pass. Even though apparently he isn't fan friendly he'd only be at the venue a few hours and he'd walk away with a big pay.

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Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii Five-0, 24, Star Trek Enterprise, Angel & Insurgent)
Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Roswell & Knocked Up)
Ethan Erickson (Melrose Place, Buffy & CSI: New York)
Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect, Shameless, Starship Troopers, Justified, Road Trip & Crank)
Ali Larter (Heroes, Resident Evil, Legends, Legally Blonde & Final Destination 1 & 2)
Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Immortals, Legend of Hercules, Expendables 3, Nightmare on Elm St & 90210)

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Supernatural stars:

Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki

Misha Collins

Mark Sheppard


Teen Wolf stars:

Tyler Posey

Dylan O'Brian

Tyler Hoechlin

Holland Roden

Dylan Sprayberry

Shelley Henning


The Hillywood Show (Hannah and Hilly Hindi)


Any members of The Walking Dead cast



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