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What guests could they get to compare to this year's event?

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Realistic names .......



Christina Ricci (no price would be too high)

Michelle Forbes (same as Christina)

Kate Beckinsale

Karen Gillan

Kate Mulgrew

Lori Petty

Allison Scagliotti

Roxanne Dawson

Any main cast member(s) of The West Wing

Matt Smith

Richard Armitage

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I do not think Schwarzenegger or Stallone would be beyond reason. I was gutted when Arnie did a meet and greet last year as I would have paid it. Hope he does another. If his diamond pass was 2k, I'd pay it. Life's too short. Sly is a certain possible.


Would be hard to top this year. Having guests such as MJF and Sigourney was a big thing for Showmasters. I think they need to step up the mark and get guests just as big for future shows, maybe even bigger, but guests to be truthful don't come much bigger than those two.


However, it's the other guests that make the event what it is too. Just to meet guests like Neve and Robert Englund was a big, big thing for me, along with Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson, guests who are equally as big as the aforementioned.


Overall, to me, the guests this year were all as big as each other but I would love to meet Arnie or Sly, definitely, but I am interested in how Showmasters make the event bigger next year. With the release of Star Wars, it might be the perfect chance to get stars over from that film. Although highly unlikely, to meet Harrison Ford would be epic.

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