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Quotes with Autographs


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very cool that Paxton added a quote specific to every movie when nobody told him to do that. but still curious as to why some people didnt get a personalisation and some did while he had the time to write long quotes (i got like 2 sentences on a poster to a movie he directed)

The coolest thing i seen was when i was in line for Sigourney, a dude came out with a limited Avatar print with some text on it, i asked what it was and it was her sig & "Ripley" but about that she also wrote" Dr Grace Augustine" (her character in Avatar ). So she corrected her mistake by adding that name.

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One of my favourites this year was from William Forsyth when I went to get his autograph at a time when he was just sitting around and showed him some of the pics I'd taken when I was out there. (he was amazed that I'd done them) anyway he wrote 'So happy not to spend a night on there with you, love and hugs. We stood for ages chatting about The Rock stuff telling me what happened here and there with different actors during filming and that they had the premiere actually on there in the library. A true gent.


Hard to think that that film is 20 years old next year...jeez...

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I've also gone with the quotes...


James Tolkan - "Slacker!"

Lea Thompson - "Calvin!"

Marc McClure - "Time to change that oil!"

Donald Fullilove - "Re-elect - Donald Fullilove - Goldie Wilson"

Harry Waters jr. - "Earth Angel"

Ricky Dean Logan - "You Bojo"

Frances Lee McCain - "Do I know your mother?"


I also asked for "Great Scott!" by Chris Lloyd, but the security instantly told me, it's just the autograph (I've seen other people having "Great Scott!" on it, but OK). "Jesus Christ!" by MJF would also have been great, but we all know, it's just the autograph.

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Not all quotes, but I'm counting anything that wasn't my name as a happy bonus.


Sigourney Weaver - 'Ripley'

Bill Paxton - Game over!

Jacqueline Kim - Clean + strong

James Remar - Follow the CODE!!!

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Obara Sand!

Jessica Henwick - Dear Amanda, welcome to Dorne. Your support is noted and your loyalty to the Sand Snakes shall be rewarded. ~Nym~



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I got

Jennifer Rubin - "In my dreams I'm beautiful & bad" Taryn

Jessica Henwick - hope you like the surprises in season 6

Rose Leslie - You Know nothing

Carrie Henn - They mostly come out at night ... Mostly

Robert Englund - Sleep kills

Kelly Jo Minter - your the best

Gemma Whelan - We do not sow.

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Frances Lee McCain "You look familiar. Do I know you mother" Stella Peltzer.

On another item she wrote - No one has 2 television sets


LOL she used her first name from BTTF and her surname from "Gremlins". She signed my Gremlins pic as Stella haha with the quote "Stay Out Of Kitchen", she was very sweet :)

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I got a great qoute from the one and only


James Remar


Who wrote on my baseball bat


I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle


Brilliant and I dudnt even ask he just wrote it.

Great guest and up there with MJF and sigourney weaver for me anyway

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