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How many photoshoots/autographs did we all manage?

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22 autographs for me. Normal tickets.


Think the trick is to avoid (even if it hurts...) the Diamond guests. That said, you could be fooled into thinking Rose Leslie was a diamond guest - that was a lot of work getting that autograph.


Added to my Walking Dead, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Dredd and Game of Thrones poster. I'm very happy even if my feet aren't.

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I actually got a lot more done than I thought I did until I sat down this evening and actually counted how many I had. I got 14 photoshoots and 26 autographs (30 if youcount that I asked a couple of guests to sign 2 things). I had such a sore back and sore feet from queuing I didn't think I would make the tube ride home on Saturday and Sunday, but I did, and it was a good tired....

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1 photo shoot - Sigourney a Weaver with Powerliader; 2 autographs - Neve Campbell & Reeve Carney.

Got a VT for Sigourney Weaver at 10am - No 326. Decided I had no chance whatsoever so didn't even try! Couldn't stay until the end of the day to see if I would get lucky!

Shame, but maybe someone will sell their signed photo on eBay!

Had a great day never the less. Thanks SM!

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I was there for just saturday, and I managed one MJF talk, 5 photo sessions (they really need to all be in one place next time), 9 autographs, 1 deloran and 1 hog warts. I had just standard pass. I did want Ray Park but his queue was continually massive and when I did wait in line, he was messing around with the Darth maul costume guy (which I didn't mind, he was making his day and year probably) but then after just a couple signings he had an interview. In the the end I got fed up of waiting. I did also have an encounter with Iain Glenn which was awesome. Very happy, can't wait to get them all on the walls!

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15 Autographs, 5 photoshoots, 4 prop shoots and 2 talks over three days....


Richard Dean Anderson (auto and photo)

Bill Paxton (auto and photo)

Jonathan Pryce(auto and photo)

Hayley Atwell(auto and photo)

Luke Pasqualino (auto and photo)

Iain Glen

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Julian Glover

Rose Leslie

Jessica Henwick

Kelly Hu

Sean Gunn

Gemma Whelan

John Bell

Alexander Siddeg


I only missed out on Carice van Houten, who didn't show on Sunday :-(

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Got my 8 autographs and 3 photoshoot. No gold pass needed, although it would have come in handy waiting for Rose Leslie. They were on VQ number 80 for most of the day!

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