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Hi everyone, with all the recent complaining about queues etc. that happened on the Saturday I thought I might aswell try and lighten the mood with a happy thread!


Near enough every member of staff was really helpful, even when I asked the most idiotic questions ever! Every question I had was either answered in good enough detail or they forwarded me to someone nearby who helped out, and I sort of understand the pressure they were in, since I work in customer service too and busy periods are the time where I feel like my mind is breaking down D:


The queues were horrible, but I met a ton of GoT fans there who made them okay to deal with, and I even met the odd wrestling fan that would talk to me about my Brock Lesnar shirt, which was really cool too.


Finally, I just want to say how amazing Daniel Portman was, and the person handling his money beside him (sorry, I don't know what that job title is) were really polite and chatty with me, even going as far as having like a 5 or 6 minute conversation about my weird name, wrestling and the PPV on sunday. He really made my day, and he remembered me when we had a photoshoot a few hours later!


Anyway, I just wanted to say that my day was really fun, obviously some small issues like queues but honestly the people inside more than made up for it, and the staff were on point all day.

P.S: Even though Carice was visibly ill when I saw her, she was still being polite even to have a really short conversation on playing a bad guy in the show. I don't know what time other people saw her, but mine was pretty late in the day. About 4 or 4.30.


P.P.S: The people working Daniel's photoshoot were the nicest staff ever, too! They complemented my shirt and my photo :-) Whoever that lady was, you rock!

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My daughter and me arrived at 8:30 am, queued around the block but we were in by 9:20, so i'm happy with that. Yes, it was packed to the rafters but i expected it to be, i just took it as it came.


We got Sigourney, Bill, MJF, Chris Lloyd, Sherilyn, Zach Galligan, Rob Rustler, Lea photoshoots done and 9 autos done.


All we did all day was rush from photoshoot area to photoshoot area, and queue all day. We didn't get chance to look on any stalls.

All this was my fault for trying to do it all in one day, we managed, but it was hard work. Defo gonna do a full weekend next year.


Overall, i can't fault anything, we had an epic day :thumbup:


Thank you Showmasters for bring us such an amazing line up of guests, all of which were absolutley lovely. :clap:

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