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I'm currently on the train and this is the only photo I have on my phone.


I actually really like this as it's less posed. She caught me a bit off guard when she suddenly came out from behind the desk and offered a photo. And then she insisted on standing on her tippy toes! :lol:




Sorry if it's massive. I'll take a snap of my photoshoot ones when I get home.

It's fun putting faces to forum members...I remember seeing you in the Sigourney Weaver autograph line on Saturday afternoon :)

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Here is a album of the pictures we got from the weekend.




The Moss from the IT Crowd cosplayer looks brilliant!



I saw him on one of the days and had to do a double take, great likeness! There was also a very good Claire from Jurassic World on one of the stalls. I saw someone dressed as Alex Vauss from Orange is the New Black and regret not asking for a photo to show my friend.

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Here are my signed things!


Back to the Future poster.




Started getting this signed when Christopher Lloyd was first over in 2008 if I remember correctly. Never imagined I would get Michael J. Fox's signature on it eventually!


Alien poster. Signed by Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Tom Skerrit and Veronica Cartwright.




Didn't realise how big Sigourney's signature is until I got the poster out to take a photo, no complaints here! Let's hope Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto can be added soon...




Never expected Sigourney to write 'Ripley' under her auto!




Started in 2008.




The pen started to run out as she started signing so Sigourney went back over it with a new one!



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SabreArt, that's great! It was my first Con and I was on my tod so I was happily chatting away with anyone that wanted to. :P Did we speak? And did you get the autos you wanted?

Alas, sadly not. We just kept passing one another like ships in the sea (you were probably about 20 people ahead of me in the queue snake . But yes, had a great day Saturday...the fruits of my day are on my Twitter profile. Hope you got all you wanted from the weekend as well :D

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Rose was definitely my favourite guest, she was so sweet! Decided to go for my grad announcement with her and she was all up for it.




Also I couldn't take a good photo of the Daenerys cosplayers who won second place in the costume show case but wow she was amazing! Had Emilia Clarke's expressions down to a t! :thumbup:

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