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Rose was definitely my favourite guest, she was so sweet! Decided to go for my grad announcement with her and she was all up for it.     Also I couldn't take a good photo of the Daenerys cosplaye

Here's just a few of mine:

My day on Friday :) :)

I'm currently on the train and this is the only photo I have on my phone.


I actually really like this as it's less posed. She caught me a bit off guard when she suddenly came out from behind the desk and offered a photo. And then she insisted on standing on her tippy toes! :lol:




Sorry if it's massive. I'll take a snap of my photoshoot ones when I get home.

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Wow, Rockstar6662. Great photos, that Sigourney one is lovely. Great moment you captured.


Thank you. The Diamond pass got me a great seat and I'm lucky to have a great camera. There's more in my gallery but that's definitely a favourite.

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