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Hi There


I only just found out about this event!!! Iplan to come up early tomorrow to try to catch Anthony Joshua at 11-11.20am.


My questions are:


A) What is all this about ticket numbers? If we pay on the door early morn tomorrow and buy a photoshoot ticket when we arrive with AJ, will we be put in later photoshoots? The reason I ask is that we have to leave by 12.30pm as my fiance has his first boxing match (funnily enough!) tomorrow in Bham and we have to get home., so we would need to get pic at 11-11.20am. I am worried that we might get there and find we have only access to later photoshoots! How does it work?


B) We have been to meet astronauts at the heathrow events before and they were, when not in photo shoots, sitting around at a desk meeting and signing autographs. Will this be the case tomorrow too and if so, what time are the boxers all expected to do this from? IDea is we can get a pic with Joshua but try n whip round n meet the others/also get a sig from Joshhua after photo shoot.


Also is access/parking set up easy? I am heavily preggers!




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If you buy on the day you'll be at the end of the scheduled shoot if there's one session. If it's two sessions you'll be at the end of the second shoot.


The ticket numbers are also printed on the tickets you buy on the day. You go in when the number on your ticket is called.

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