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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - MIKE COLLINS

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Mike Collins

Appearing: Fri/Sat/Sun

Artist: Doctor Who; 2000 AD; Darkstars

ACROSS a career that dates back to 1983, Mike Collins has pretty much drawn all the major superheroes for DC as well as quite a few for Marvel. The co-creator of Gambit (introduced in 1990’s Uncanny X-Men #266) made his professional debut illustrating a four-pager written by the soon-to-be-a-comicbook legend Alan Moore published by Marvel UK in The Daredevils #8. Soon in demand as both a penciller and an inker, Collins contributed to various other titles – notably Transformers – for the House of Ideas’ British arm before adding 2000 AD to his growing CV. His first US work was for Eclipse where he drew strips for issues of Laser Eraser and Pressbutton in 1986.
The following year he was hired by DC to draw New Teen Titans Annual #3, the first of a number of one-off assignments he fulfilled alongside his continuing work for various British comics, among them
Doctor Who Magazine, a title with which he has remained closely associated ever since. In 1992 Collins launched Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, writing
and drawing all 12 of its issues before moving on to pencil all but one of the final 21 issues of another DC comic, Darkstars. Come early 1998, the artist was involved with two new series:
Star Trek: Untold Voyages (aborted after just five issues) and Babylon 5: In Valen’s Name, a three-parter on which he collaborated with J Michael Straczynski, creator of the television series. While much of his focus since the millennium has been outside the comics field, Collins – who has recently produced storyboards for BBC-TV’s Doctor Who series – continues to contribute to Doctor Who and 2000 AD as well as to its companion title, Judge Dredd Megazine.​



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I'm a big collector of Dr Who autographs and mike is one I'd love. How does it work with comic/author guests? Are they happy to sign merchandise for a fee or generally their own promoted material? thanks.

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