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Guest Photos On Desk

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Curious question to the many people who have been to these events in the past and I would like to know the answer to this. I know that guest a have selection of photos on their desk for you to get signed but if you bring your own item to get signed are you still able to take an unsigned photo from their selection on the desk or do you only get one of these it you pay to get it signed.

Many thanks for any comments given.

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The photo on the desk is included in the price of an autograph. On the occasions I've asked its never been a problem. Only once was I told no but that's beacause the guest was very busy and they were running low towards the end of the day

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To clarify, the 10x8 images provided are free, and are not included as part of the autograph cost. They are primarily for people who do not have anything to get signed. If you have a personal item then you can also ask for an image. However Showmasters have the right to refuse if stock is low as this could result in somebody else who actually needs one missing out on an autographed item.

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