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First timer at this thing! Help!

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So, I'm a complete virgin when it comes to things like this - never the less I'm incredibly excited to attend my first comic-con and meet Ray Park and Dave Prowse from Star Wars!


I've bought tickets to have a photoshoot with the pair of them but I'm still not entirely sure what that means I have to do on the day!

I see that Dave Prowse has a photoshoot on the Saturday at 11:40, and Ray Park at 16:25 so I assume I just head to the photoshoot area at that time or just before? I probably sound incredibly daft but I just really don't want to miss this opportunity!
Also, I'll be attending with my girlfriend and even though she isn't having a photoshoot with those guests will she be able to wait with me whilst I queue?

Anther thing I'm excited about seeing are all of the cosplays, as I've never seen them before I was wondering just how approachable they are for photo's etc?

So, apart from the photoshoots and the cosplays and the talks I was just wondering how much more there is to see on the day? From photo's it looks as if there are like market stalls we can buy things from amongst other things?


Aside from those little queries I'm really REALLY excited to attend this event and any help, guidance or advice you can offer for a first timer would be greatly appreciated!



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Yes, just be at the area at the time given on the schedule for your shoot.


Your girlfriend should be able to keep you company for a while depending on the length of line, but at a certain point crew are checking tickets and she'll be asked to wait for you at the exit of the photo area.


Just ask nicely if you can take their pictures. The cosplayers are always happy to pose.


There's a dealers area with stalls and of course the autograph area where the guests are signing besides photos, talks and cosplays.

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Hi Joey


I hope you enjoy your first comic con. It's usually a good event and I can understand the excitement and nervousness over what to do. Your assumption about the photoshoots are spot on. Just go along at the time on the ticket (maybe a little earlier) and you'll be sorted. Don't panic about the size of the queue though. Once the queue starts moving, it moves along at a fair old rate. Your girlfriend will probably be allowed to queue with you but once you get into the room, it'll be down to the crewmember on duty.


The cosplayers are usually fine with you taking their photos as long as they're on the main floor. I wouldn't ask them if they're taking a break though (eating, drinking, smoking, bathroom break) - most would be polite and let you take a pic, but it might be worth waiting until you see them a little later.


As for what else to do, you're right in that there's dealer stalls. Lots of things to buy and see (the Back to the Future DeLorean will be there) and there's a gamer zone if you like video games.


Don't forget the guest talks too. They're great ways to pass the time.

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Hey Joey,


The two above has pretty much explained it all now anyway, but it is important to attend the photoshoots early, as you may miss out on the opportunity. As for you girlfriend (I know this from experience last year) She's able to queue outside the room with you, but when you get in there for the photoshoot then she'd probably have to step outside and wait for you to have your experience with them. You seem like a huge star wars guest, so I assume you're going to the photoshoot for the Emperor's Throne as well?

If you're doing that alone (without David Prowse), then that changes and your girlfriend can queue all the way with you, but I'm not too sure about if you're having it done with David Prowse being there. Either way, I think it should be fine!


From experience from last years Con's I attended, Cosplays were generally always happy to let you take photographs, especially when queuing up to get inside, and if they're already posing for someone else! (Probably the best time to do this then). At half 4, there is a photoshoot for cosplayers, there is thread somewhere with this time on, so maybe you can attend this and hopefully get some good shots then?


Apart from market stalls, guests and photoshoots, well there's the gaming zone and artist zone (last year they were upstairs, not too sure if it'll be the same this year), so with any luck they'll be back and hopefully better than last time. If you're a reader, then usually there are some authors around to talk to as well - though these are usually with the stalls selection. Obviously there's the DeLorean, where, if it's like Barricade from the Winter Con, will be situated just as you walk in. So maybe that can add to your experience as well? As you know there are talks, and cosplayers are doing talks which may be good to attend as well.


Apart from that, (for comic con) that's pretty much about it, unless you want to explore Cardiff :P


I hope your experience is a good day (my first one was last year and I really enjoyed it!). With any luck, it should still be as good this year. See you there! :WAVE: :WAVE:

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