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Leonard Nimoy - sad news


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It's a tribute to how alive he always was that even at the age of 83 we're all shocked and saddened to hear this terrible news.


I was lucky enough to meet him a few times over the years, the last time at MK in 2009.


I think we were all hoping that for the 50th anniversary next year he'd be tempted back to a show here in the UK and one in the US, all the surviving main crew together.


Every time I met him I found him to be a truly humble and genuinely nice person to meet. The talks I saw him give were always fascinating - giving real glimpses of his intellect and his humour. It was easy to see why he had such a long career - who wouldn't want to work with such a man.


I know we'll all miss him - but I also know that his work really will live on forever.

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I may not be a Star Trek fan although I do know that practically my entire Twitter timeline was filled with my Trekkie Friends either adding how they felt or indeed retweets etc and I felt very sad on their behalf as well as all the Trek fans around the World and from what I can ascertain he meant a great deal.


My experience with how Leonard Nimoy touched me can go way back to 1989 and when I first saw Three Men and a Baby its always remained one of my favourite movies and its down to whom Directed it - Leonard Nimoy and so I grieve for his amazing piece of work for this - also I also know how much of a significant role he had for The Big Bang Boys and how their love for him was very much interwined in some of the best storylines they did - the aforementioned Three Men and Big Bang is what I know and appreciate Leonard for.


My thoughts go out to his Family, Friends and Fans at this very sad and difficult time.

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