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Latest Guest Announcement - Neve Campbell

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Guys... Come on. No need to let your frustation out on a specific guest. Not everyone will like every guest but it's not nice to say that she's nothing special or that you expected a bigger name and y

come on guys lets keep it fun on here the real world is tuff enough , we are all fans of show and films and we all can like what we like etc so lets all be cool , lfcc is way off we have some amazing

Matthew Lillard has said he would be interested in coming and he would be a great guest alongside Neve Campbell as he would be a European first time signer as well!

Very good guest for the Scream fans, I actually like those movies, but was hoping for someone else .... still very happy for those who are gonna meet her .... my time will come , still a lot of announcement to be made prior to the show.

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Wow another awesome guest imo. I've never been to a comic con before and from what I've read there's not usually many horror guests, and as I'm a huge horror fan I gotta say this is looking like a freaking awesome event...already booked the freddy diamond pass, Jason photoshoot and will defo be getting Neves autograph...super excited!!! 😝😝😝

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