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Latest Guest Announcement - Neve Campbell

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Latest Guest Announcement - Neve Campbell

Attending: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Autograph Price: £35

Photoshoot Price: £35

This a London Film and Comic Con exclusive, Neve will not be attending any other event in Europe.

Photoshoots are on sale now from our online store





Scream - Sidney

Wild Things - Suzie Toller


Scream 3 - Sidney Prescott

Scream 4 - Sidney Prescott



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Guys... Come on. No need to let your frustation out on a specific guest. Not everyone will like every guest but it's not nice to say that she's nothing special or that you expected a bigger name and y

come on guys lets keep it fun on here the real world is tuff enough , we are all fans of show and films and we all can like what we like etc so lets all be cool , lfcc is way off we have some amazing

Matthew Lillard has said he would be interested in coming and he would be a great guest alongside Neve Campbell as he would be a European first time signer as well!

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